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Porch Of Caryatid

Porch Of Caryatid

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  • Caryatid: a sculpted female figure taking the place of a pillar supporting a horizontal column (entablature) ususally involved with Greek Architecture.
  • There is much controversy on the meaning of these caryatids, some say the women are worshipping the Greek goddess Artemis. Vitruvius the late Roman architect states that the females represent the punishment for the women of Caraye, a town near Sparta. These women were said to be condemned to slavery after betraying Athens for siding with Persia.



    2.5 x 2.5 OOO Logo


    Porch Of Caryatid Graphic


    100% Cotton

    We care about quality; heatpressed and tested to perfection so you can wash over 100 times without the logo fading or cracking.

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